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Program Objectives 
  • Identify your thoughts and behaviors that sabotage losing weight. 
  • Understand the influence of environment and networks. 
  • Learn how to motivate and mobilize yourself without the focus of pounds. 
  • Interrupt cyclical patterns using CORE Concept - a cognitive-behavioral exercise.
  • Feel empowered to accomplish your weight loss goals in a healthy and enduring fashion.
Outcomes (EAP Program)
  1. Phq9 Depressive symptoms scale: Avg decrease of 4.9%.
  2. Life Satisfaction: Avg increase of 1.8%
  3. Workplace Distress: Avg decrease of 2.3%
  4. Distracted at Work: Avg decrease of 3.9%

Testimonials (EAP Program)
“I know that I can use the “CORE” with every area of my life”

“Good to know the principles have sunk in, even if I wasn’t aware of it”

“Goals were defined”

“Thank you so much for giving me the tools I need to succeed with my weight loss & getting healthy”

“I think it is a great program”

“CORE helped tremendously in my identification of key issues keeping me from making needed changes”

“This has provided a strong foundation to which to build”

“I am sincerely grateful for the CORE program. I have changed tremendously since starting the program & would recommend to the world!”

“CORE is a GREAT PROGRAM that should be mainstream readily available to all Vidant staff - such as a training session AND it should not be limited to weight loss.  It is readily applicable to many areas of life, such as budget, spending, retirement planning, maintaining emotions, physical fitness, drinking alcohol, smoking, etc. “

  • Contact TFWC to determine if benefits apply.
Cost Include:
  • Handouts
  • 6 focused sessions for CORE
  • Extended supports as needed
  • Resource development (nutrition, personal trainers, other consultants)
To learn more about the program and to register, please contact our office coordinator at (252) 215-9011.
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