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                                  Virtual Coaching

Message from Dr. Bell:

Aside from clinical services I offer CORE-Concept virtual coaching for adults. Coaching is not a clinical treatment, but similar method to help motivate, move, and progress towards goals. We develop a working plan for you with strategies and informal progress measures. In subsequent sessions we help recognize progress, problem-solve challenges/mental and external roadblocks, and sustain momentum for long-term gains.   

I believe coaching should be a short-term service with long-term benefits, which is why CORE-Concept is about self-coaching. Success with anything in life is all about persistence in that direction. CORE helps us understand the meaning for us, and how to stay the course.

The recent decision was made to go virtual with CORE Coaching to breach geographical and governmental limitations imposed on clinical services; to give others access to an approach that can produce results without the gimmicks.

To give a brief example of CORE. the method was taught to adults with an original goal to lose weight. CORE not only helped to change the mindset of losing weight, but helped many drop pounds without involving dieting or exercise (disclaimer - healthy eating and exercise are encouraged). We first learned that losing weight was not the primary objective for people. And, progress happened quickly once focusing on CORE goals instead of losing weight. What we changed were perspectives and daily mannerisms that were contradictory to their goals. We learned how to act persistently purposeful without over-extending or shaming. Although results varied, almost everyone noted positive behavioral changes and outcomes.

                                     Program Outline
-3 Weekly sessions at $145 / hr. (5% discount if paid in full)

-Subsequent sessions scheduled at your discretion at $95.00 / 45min.

-(If you are genuinely dissatisfied at 30 days after session 1 and can demonstrate that the strategies discussed made 'no' differences in your daily life, despite your best efforts, then you may receive a 100% refund). Details reviewed under Terms and Conditions.  


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