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The Family Wellness Center, PLLC - NOW HIRING Office and School-Based Therapists!!
Experiencing a traumatic event can have major effects on how children and adults view themselves and the world around them. And while those thoughts and feelings are perfectly normal, we want them to eventually get better.
TFWC now has multiple clinicians trained to implement trauma-informed interventions to best help individuals suffering with symptoms of acute stress or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).
Symptoms related of trauma (PTSD)
-feelings of fear and terror
-difficulties sleeping
-re-experiencing the event
-flashback images
-anger and irritability
-avoidance / inability to peform duties
-poor concentration/focus
If you have experienced something that has left you with the symptoms above, you might have PTSD. You should know that things can and do get better with time. However, sometimes we need to talk with a trained professional to help us through the process of recovery.
Our trauma-informed clinicians can provide a safe place for you to process these painful experiences. Our mission is to help children and adults transition from victim to survivor, and ultimately thriver!
Our programs were developed by The National Institute for Trauma and Loss in Children / STARR Commonwealth Institute for Training.
                                                I Feel Better Now - for children
                                   SITCAP-ART - for adolescents / adults
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