The Family Wellness Center, PLLC - Addiction Program - Greenville, NC
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Addiction Services at TFWC
Persons struggling with alcohol, drugs, or other addictions have an opportunity with us to engage in personal counseling and small group meetings led by a licensed addiction specialist. Each program is specifically designed for the individual and tailored to his/her personal needs, goals, and schedules for attending. Your therapist will discuss recommendations with you upon assessment and treatment planning. 

The components of this service are: 
  • Learning about the 'addicted brain' - how the brain functions during addiction to keep it going and how to override this influence
  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy - change unhelpful thoughts that develop during addiction, enhance motivation and confidence, improve emotional awareness and expression 
  • 12-step integration and accountability 
  • Continuous examination of the recovery environment
  • Focus on external resources

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