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Clinical Providers

- David Bell, PhD, LMFT, LCAS, ADHD-CCSP

- Rebekah Skahill, MS, LCMHC

-Nydesha Moore, MSW, LCSWA

Therapy Supports

-Child/Family Behavioral Therapies - ADHD, conduct, anxiety, depression, grief/loss, substances, and more.

-ADHD - Adult/child evaluations, identify executive function practice needs, objective and goal development, establishing responsibility and accountability measures, progress monitoring, direction in how parents and significant others can offer support. 


-Adult Counseling - Work/life stress, psychological and emotional conditions, addiction, gaining insights to make meaningful behavioral adjustments for self and relational progress.


-Couples Therapy - Improve communication and relationship dynamics maintaining conflict and negative emotions, work through infidelity issues, and other specific relationship stressors.

-School-Based Therapy K-12 (County-specific) - Therapy services are provided at school to improve conduct-related issues, mental/emotional conditions affecting school and home, attendance, academics, social functioning, and more.

-Sports Performance - Eliminate discouraging thoughts and performance anxiety, understand and unravel thought patterns related to performance, re-establish mental preparedness and focus to envision success.     

-Technology Addiction - Helps youth and parents understand the 'plugged-in' addiction process, brain function and social-emotional associations, and work to establish a measurable habit reversal plan. 

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