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Welcome to The Family Wellness Center website. We hope you'll find the site helpful. We know the challenge when searching for a practice and therapist, especially when stressed. Herein, you will find provider profiles and service information. Online Intake Forms are available as well.


To speak with someone directly, you have access to Suzanne, our full-time practice manager. She is onsite 8a-5p M-F, and available by phone (252) 215-9011 and email ( Answering questions about forms, insurance, payments, scheduling, directions, and general office procedures is her specialty.

Helping you with these common questions from the start allows us to get right to work on the reasons for coming.  

Brief Virtual Tour

Therapy Team

- David Bell, PhD, LMFT, LCAS, ADHD-CCSP

- Rebekah Skahill, MS, LCMHC

- Jason Perry, PhD, LCMHC

-Nydesha Moore, MSW, LCSWA

- Erin Rawls, MS, LCMHCA, MH Liaison

More about Services

-Child/Family Behavioral Therapies - ADHD, conduct, anxiety, depression, grief/loss, substances, and more.

-ADHD - Adult/child evaluations, identify executive function practice needs, objective and goal development, establishing responsibility and accountability measures, progress monitoring, direction in how parents and significant others can offer support. 


-Adult Counseling - Work/life stress, psychological and emotional conditions, addiction, gaining insights to make meaningful behavioral adjustments for self and relational progress.


-Couples Therapy - Improve communication and relationship dynamics maintaining conflict and negative emotions, work through infidelity issues, and other specific relationship stressors.

-School-Based Therapy K-12 (County-specific) - Therapy services are provided at school to improve conduct-related issues, mental/emotional conditions affecting school and home, attendance, academics, social functioning, and more.

-Sports Performance - Eliminate discouraging thoughts and performance anxiety, understand and unravel thought patterns related to performance, re-establish mental preparedness and focus to envision success.     

-Technology Addiction - Helps youth and parents understand the 'plugged-in' addiction process, brain function and social-emotional associations, and work to establish a measurable habit reversal plan. 

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