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Family Support Line 

What is FSL?
The Family Support Line is meant to provide professional guidance and direction for family members of a loved one that refuses mental health or substance abuse treatment, or family involvement in treatment.

Family often ask...How can I offer support? How do we establish rules and boundaries? What can I say without fussing and fighting? What do we do if the condition worsens? Why can't he/she change? Talking with a professional can help give the family tools and a skill set to best support their loved one. The hope is to unite and empower family members for the battles ahead, while maintaining their own life balance.              

Office visits or teleconferencing available.

How to Schedule
Contact our practice manager, Suzanne Sena, at 252-215-9011 for scheduling.

Teleconferencing Requirements
1. Return signed Understanding of Agreement and Problem/Goal Form  
2. Computer/smart phone with internet connection
3. Earplugs (recommended)

$50.00 / 30 minutes for a maximum of 3 sessions. Additional support needs could be managed from a direct clinical model within The Family Wellness Center.   

Disclaimer: FSL in no way replaces direct professional support for an individual's mental health or substance use disorder. FSL is not at treatment service, but a consultative service ONLY for family of someone with a mental health or substance use disorder that refuses treatment, or family involvement in treatment. FSL will help family adjust their thoughts and behaviors, and provide general knowledge of conditions. Should a family have a member that is a client of The Family Wellness Center, the family should know that no confidential information shall be disclosed about the client without proper consent, nor shall it be acknowledged that the family member is a client without proper consent. 


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