The Family Wellness Center, PLLC - Employment - Greenville, NC
The Family Wellness Center, PLLC - NOW HIRING Office and School-Based Therapists!!
Seeking qualified provisional or fully licensed providers (LMFT, LCSW, LPC, LCAS) to serve clients at our Greenville location. Clientele is mental health and substance abuse, adult/child, and family. To be considered you must be credentialed or credential eligible with NC Medicaid, NC Health Choice, and private insurances if fully licensed. You must provide 3 referrals with at least 2 from past employers. The clinical need for this position is to provide 20 plus hours of clinical time in the office to see new clients. Licensed providers earn 65% of standard CPT code reimbursement and provisional providers earn 60% until licensed. To be considered please send resume to 

Seeking qualified provisional or fully licensed providers (LMFT, LCSW, LPC, LCAS) to serve students in schools in Beaufort county and perhaps Pitt and Martin counties, depending on developments before August 2017. These positions (multiple exist) require the provider to designate time to 1-7 plus schools. For example, clinical time allotted may be for one day or multiple days per week. The provider will travel to the designated schools to serve students referred to FWC for behavioral health or substance abuse counseling. The provider is responsible for professional presentation and representation of the company at all times, coordination of care as indicated, proficiency with documentation, ability to complete competent CCAs in a timely manner, complete treatment plans to specifications of practice and Medicaid requirements, demonstrate ability to complete necessary clinical paperwork such as progress notes, intake forms, outcome measures, and billing documentation as set by policy of TFWC. Providers are compensated the same as above, by standard CPT reimbursements. To be considered for these positions please send resume to Three references with at least 2 from past employers will be required for employment.   
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